Green Palm Publications to take part in 64th Beirut International Book Fair

“Book fairs serve as vital cultural hubs in countries, providing a platform to showcase their cultural and literary products, as well as their scientific and cultural accomplishments across various domains. Furthermore, many countries host international book fairs that feature the participation of other nations. This allows them to present books and cultural products through their publishers, with the aim of introducing and promoting their culture and scientific achievements on a global stage.

The Beirut International Book Fair is one such event, and Green Palm Publications, an active player in the publishing industry, proudly participated in the Iranian pavilion at the 64th Beirut International Book Fair held in October 2022.

Notable titles presented by Green Palm Publications at the Beirut exhibition:

During this exhibition, Green Palm Publishing House unveiled three translated books: one on Shahid Mudeq (from the collection Unwithering Flames), another on Shahid Bakeri, and a third on Shahid Chamran. The unveiling ceremony for the first two books, Shahid Mudeq and Shahid Bakeri, was graced by the presence of Iran’s Cultural Advisor in Beirut and the Lebanese Minister of Labor. The third book, the Arabic translation of Shahid Chamran book, was also introduced in the presence of Iran’s Cultural Advisor. The books presented by Green Palm garnered significant interest, with Shahid Chamran book selling out before the end of the exhibition, and the other two, Shahid Mudeq and Shahid Bakeri, enjoying substantial sales on their unveiling day.

In addition to these officially introduced and unveiled works, Green Palm Publishing House showcased two more books from the Unwithering Flames series, Shahid Mohammad Ali Ranjbar and Shahid Hossein Shayestefar, which constitute the second and third volumes. Furthermore, the first volume of the ‘Aseman’ series, titled ‘Shahid Javad Fakuri,’ was presented in Arabic translation. Additionally, Green Palm Publishing House exhibited books on Shahid Chamran, Ismail Daqayeqi, and Shahid Shaban Ali Afifeh in English.

Green Palm’s books’ reception in Beirut:

The Arabic version of Shahid Chamran book completely sold out on the day of its introduction, a unique reception for a foreign publisher’s book. Most of the buyers of Green Palm products were young adults and women aged between 18 to 25. Another group of buyers consisted of men purchasing books for their spouses.

It’s worth noting that, apart from the content itself, the video clips introducing the books and the appealing cover designs also garnered positive attention from the audience. In total, by the conclusion of the 64th Beirut International Book Fair, over 590 volumes of Green Palm products had been sold.”

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