“Unwithering Flames: Book-8 “Shaheed Ranjbar

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The day she signed her marriage contract donning the white gloves, matching her wedding gown, she could not imagine that her happiness would only last for fourteen years. Those years of her marriage were so blissful, that they were the envy of all her relatives and friends. During the wedding celebrations, as is the tradition in Kerman, she was asked to place a white chador on the bride’s head. However, during the final years, the white had become the color of Mohammad Ali’s clothing. Not only was white the color of Mohammad Ali’s clothes, but also the hospitals, doctors, the doors, the walls and the beds. When Mohammad Ali’s face turned pale and he was covered by a sheet of the same pale hue, the world turned black for Marzieh. Despite her life now no longer being dark, Marzieh is alone, abandoned by friends and family who no longer invite her to weddings. She still feels the peaceful life she had back then, when she sees the life of her children, relatives, and sometimes even feels the presence of Mohammad Ali despite the void he left in her life. This book is the biography symbolizing the white purity of love.


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