A Report on 64th Beirut International Book Fair


In every country, cultural products are often introduced and presented in exhibitions. Book fairs are considered the primary platform for presenting books in various countries. These cultural events provide nations with an opportunity to showcase and market their latest achievements in the fields of literature and culture. Additionally, many countries hold this exhibition on an international scale, with the participation of other countries, so that different nations can also promote their published works and products that are reflective of both their own culture and that of the host.

The Beirut International Book Fair, held annually in December by the Arab Cultural Club in Lebanon, is one of these exhibitions. It was first organized in 1956 at the American University of Beirut and earned the title of the first book fair in the Arab world. Green Palm Publications also participated as a publisher in the Pavilion of Iran at the 64th Beirut International Book Fair held in 2022.

Countries present at the Beirut Book Fair

At the 64th Beirut International Book Fair, the United Arab Emirates and Oman had officially set up government booths, neither of which featured any book introduction or sales, and only marked the presence of the two countries.

Apart from the governments, publishers from Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, France, Russia, Turkey, and Qatar attended the fair. Qatar had one booth, Syria had two publishers whose priority was purchasing precious copies of the Holy Quran and encyclopedias from other booths, Egypt had one booth, and Turkey had one booth offering works translated or authored in Arabic. France also had set up the largest pavilion at the fair, showcasing books in various genres, including children and adolescents, novels, history, and literature in French or Arabic.

Well-known publications such as Dar Al-Mawada, Dar Al-Mahajjah Al-Baydaa, Dar Al-Ma’arif, Dar Al-Wala’, Dar Al-Hadarah, Dar Al-Ma’arif Al-Hikmiyah, Hadiqat Al-Kitab, Dar Awwal, Al-Manar, Ahl Al-Bayt World Assembly, and Center of Civilization for Islamic Thought Development also attended this edition of the Beirut International Book Fair.

Iran’s Pavilion at the Beirut Book Fair

In 2021, during the 63rd Beirut International Book Fair, Iran’s participation reached its pinnacle and garnered substantial attention from visitors. Iran’s pavilion covered approximately 60 square meters that year. However, in the subsequent 64th edition of the book fair, due to some problems, the pavilion’s area was reduced by around 15 square meters, and its location was moved to a less favorable spot.

Despite such behaviors, the House of Book tried to mitigate the mentioned challenges by holding events related to Iran and introducing various books.

At this exhibition, Green Palm Publications managed to take steps toward improving and facilitating the process of book printing and distribution in Lebanon by holding meetings, visits, and negotiations, meeting with the head of Al-Ma’arif Al-Hikmiyah Institute, which specifically focuses on promoting philosophy in the Arab world, meeting with officials from Al-Maaref University in Lebanon, negotiating with various publishing centers in Lebanon, and holding sessions with other activists in this field.

Reception rate of the 64th Beirut International Book Fair

By performing promotion programs for the works like introduction video clips, tours for the school students, and offering book vouchers during the middle phase of the fair, the rate of reception and purchases increased. In the final days as well, there was a very high turnout in the booths compared to earlier days of the fair, to the extent that some books were completely sold out.

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