About Us

Green Palm Publications focuses on translating and publishing valuable works mainly (but not exclusively) from Farsi to other languages.
The publication is based in Iran and a group of experts are working on picking out, modifying, translating, and publishing books.
In Green Palm, we translate and publish:
• Biographies and memoirs:
Biographies and memoirs of distinguished national and international figures, especially those who played an active role in recent decades.

• Reportage of success in difficult circumstances:
The scientific flourishing of nations and individuals, specifically those of Iranians, post-1979 Revolution.

• Lifestyle:
Ethics and moralities as well as spiritual approaches which introduce a religious lifestyle, are concerned

• Family issues and upbringing of children:
Family issues include premarital, marital, post-marital, parenting, and approaches for dealing with children of various ages.

• Kids Literature:
Children’s books include narratives, gamebooks, and poems written for children with educative and constructive purposes.
Apart from opening new projects, we also are collaborating with other well-known Iranian publications, to selectively translate and print outstanding titles published by them, to make them accessible and within reach of readers abroad. Moreover, Green Palm welcomes any publication worldwide, that is interested in making bridges and collaborating in translation and publication. Also, it’s open to discussing providing rights to any publication and centers, on the available rights.

Our Vision: Green Palm is driven by the vision of being “a true and pure knowledge provider for all, through authoring, translating and publishing outstanding works of distinguished scholars and authors” and is moving forward in the publishing domain both print and digital.
Our Mission: The publication is racing ahead with a mission of “pioneering innovative translation and publication movement”.

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