A short report on 27th Oman international Book Fair

Oman has been able to improve its urban infrastructures and designing due to its enrich oil and gas resources during the recent years and has become one of the superb countries in the Persian Gulf. Consequently, it could set up cultural facilities and hold international fairs such as book fair and attract different countries to participate with their books written or translated in Arabic; The Oman International Book Fair has been held in its capital, Muscat, since 1992 annually.
The Countries attended in Muscat’s Book Fair
The 27th edition in February 2023 was the last time that this event held in Muscat with 32 countries and more than 600 booths. This book fair was located in Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre and included all the facilities and requirements needed for the visitors.
Children Section of Muscat International Book Fair
This was a section designed for the children book with a similar atmosphere. There was also a devoted area for the plays and theater scripts written for children in this section. Not to mention, it was warmly welcomed by the parents.
In another part of the fair, a section was developed for gatherings of the poets and writers in which the first-time authors shared their experiences in this industry with each other.
Distinguished Publisher Presented in Muscat Book Fair
A publisher from the U.S. and Jangal Publication of Iran had their inclusive booths; Additionally, Sharjah from United Arab Emirates was present. Sharjah is known as one of the biggest book fairs of Arab World, and the Book City established in this country has received a great attention from the publishers lately.
The Visitors and the Muscat International Book Fair in a Glance
The 27th Muscat International Book Fair was not greatly welcomed by the visitors except for the off-days. The best-selling books were also those related to entertainment. In other words, the books such as romans, art-related, children and adolescents, as well as those in success and development were sold the best in this event.

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