Unwithering Flames: Book-4 “Shaheed Mudeq

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The love story of Fereshteh and Manouchehr began during the endless anxious time of the Islamic Revolution. It all began one day when Manouchehr rode his motorcycle to rescue Fereshteh from the hands of the Shah’s police officers, who had surrounded her. A war broke out only a couple of months after beginning their new life. Iraq had thrown the first stone toward Iran, and Manouchehr was not one to stay at home with his revolutionary spirit. Knowing that the time would come soon where he would have to leave, he spent his every waking moment with Fereshteh. Their hearts had become intertwined with each other’s. Chemical wounds of her husband were the remaining memories of the war, for this love-struck lady, and now it was time for her to summon all her might in order to withstand the difficulties of life beyond the war; all of the unkindness, the harshness of his words, the financial difficulties, and above all, the breaths of a Manouchehr who no longer wished to be in this world. However, his enchanted heart would not allow him to leave.
To this day, Fereshteh regrets her momentary look of consent to allow Manouchehr to leave this world, and thus, he closed his eyes for the last time and escaped this world. Fereshteh, however, can still feel his presence whenever she hears the greetings of her son Ali, whenever she sees the patience of her daughter Hoda, and especially so, whenever she sees a white pigeon at her window.


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