Unwithering Flames: Book-1 Shahid Chamran

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The story of Ghada Jaber is the story of a wealthy Lebanese merchant’s daughter who although despised war, fell in love with a scholarly freedom fighter from Iran who actively participated in the war, and would also teach in the orphanages of the Lebanese Shias. Her troubles had only just begun; she had to communicate with everyone, from her mother and father to her family that she wanted to leave behind her life of luxury and safety, and instead wanted to take a path that would lead her to a life of hardship and poverty. This was all for the sake of the shahid Mustafa Chamran.
Not everyone knows of Chamran, however, Ghada is a different story. She not only knew him but knew him intimately. The Chamran who she spent five years of her life with, despite everything that happened remained the same. Throughout all of the events: living under constant Israeli bombardment in the south of Lebanon, the schools of Amal, his participation in the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the time he spent as the defense minister, and his battles against the ruthless Komalas of Kurdistan, Chamran’s love and devotion for her never decreased a little bit. Now, even though Chamran’s body is no longer by her side, his spirit will be forever intertwined with hers.


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