Unwithering Flames: Book-2 Shahid Daqayeqi

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The love story between Masoumeh and Ismail Daqayeqi is destined to last until the gates of heaven. Masoumeh’s mother used to say, “I had given my daughter to a student, but he turned out to be a soldier.” Masoumeh, however, loved this soldier. Her wedding and union coincided with the Revolution of Iran.
Their lives were entangled with restlessness and moving from one city to another. This was especially so after the war had erupted. Ismail asked God not to make any two days of their lives like one another. He also hoped that Masoumeh would wish for the same. He did not like their couple life to be broken apart by dragging through long years; and he was lucky as there was a war going on.
After his martyrdom, when Masoumeh read his will, it stated, “If heaven is in my destiny, I will wait for you there by the gates.” She did not wish to complain about the world after Ismail. However, she used to always say, “I am now awaiting my turn so that Ismail does not wait for me for too long.


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